Best telecel offers

The Best Telecel Bundle Offers

Telecel group provides several bundle offer which facilitate the confidence in using Telecel network. The best Telecel data offer are M4M offer, red offer and Telecel special offer.

Telecel M4M Offer

Telecel M4M is a combination of both data bundle and airtime offer accessed by the USSD code *530#. It give more data and airtime compared to the default code *700#.

The offer or the plan is suitable for commercial internet users or for consumable activities such as watching videos, downloading, playing music and games online etc.

Steps of buying data with M4M
  1. Dial *530# and send.
  2. Choose the plan that suite your need.

Telecel Red Offer

Telecel Red offer contain eight (8) services with access USSD code *200#. These offers are:

  1. Flexi
  2. No Expiry
  3. Daily / Weekly/ Bossu
  4. Monthly / sUPREME
  5. Bundle for Someone
  6. Check bundle
  7. Manageg Offer
  8. Borrow Credit

Dial the red offer code *200# and choose any of the offer that suite your need.

Telecel Special Offer

Telecel special offer can be access using using telecel cash USSD code *110#. To use the service kindly follow the instructions below.

  1. Dial *110# on your phone with active telecel sim inserted.
  2. Choose option three (3) ” Buy airtime or Data”.
  3. Select option 4 “Special Offers”
  4. Choose 1 for self or 2 for other telecel users
  5. Now choose your preferer from the option; Flexi, No expiry, Daily / Weekly / Bossu, Monthly / Supreme.

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